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A few days ago the armed forces of Israel crossed over into Southern Lebanon and began offensive operations against the Hezbollah. This follows the violent assaults into the Gaza Strip and goes along with the all too quiet vivisection of the West Bank. Clearly, the government of Israel has decided that it wants a quiet neighborhood and that the way to get this quiet neighborhood is to blow up the neighbors.

Take the Gaza Strip for example.
You’ve been hearing about all the dead and wounded kids, the 22 hospitals without supplies or electricity, the lack of food and drinking water.
Lets skip that part because you probably already know it. If you don’t then check it out.
The news reporting has been pretty good and it’s all saying the same thing.
The Israeli Army is kicking the you know what out of the Palestinian’s trapped inside Gaza and there’s nothing much they can do about it.

Lets skip right to the part about what we should do about it.

Lets take it by the numbers

First up – Lets agree that what’s happening in Gaza is wrong. Herding people into camps and using them as target practice for artillery and air strikes is a wrong thing. It was wrong in 1943 in Warsaw and it’s wrong now.

Second – It’s also very expensive. Israel is a country the size of Vermont that spends something like 20% of it’s GNP on one of the most modern armies in the world.

Number Three – This is money they don’t have. The Israeli economy is a deficit spending mess. The only reason they even have a budget is that we, the USA taxpayer, donate 10 billion dollars to Israel each year.

And number Four – That’s right 10 billion – with a B. Israel is the largest recipient of US foreign aide. That’s how they manage to float their economy and pay for their army at the same time.

Lastly number Five – The Israeli Government has a history of not listening real close to outside advice. They’ve managed to ignore the 6o some UN resolutions critical of their behavior towards others as well as the protests lodged regularly by every country on the planet except Tonga and the United States. And, trust me on this, they really don’t care what you or I have to say either.

So, when you look at it, the answer is pretty strait forward. If someone needs your money to do things that you don’t want them do to; the answer is to stop giving them your money. When they run out of money, they’ll have to make some changes. Who knows, they might even decide that they can’t afford a war with the whole neighborhood. It might even lead to negotiations and maybe even to that quiet neighborhood that everybody wanted in the first place.

It’s time we started asking each other why it is that our elected officials spend most of our foreign aide on a country that uses the money to maintain concentration camps and to do a whole lot of shooting and bombing. A country that does nothing for the United States.

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