I recall that I thought I had lost you


A place far away
I was looking out a window East over Biet Hanoun
The clinic had set up out there somewhere on the border
There was a fire fight in progress: the usual small arms and apache cannons
A huge explosion, a mushroom cloud of debris filled the sky
I recall that I felt the blast in the soles of my feet
I recall thinking that she was right there in that explosion
I recall thinking that I might have just lost her
I recall wondering how I could just stand there at the window
But that was the nature of things: events completely out of control
Then,the text message: “I’m alright”

We never talked about it until last night
I said I thought I had lost you back then
You said that they had been targeting the clinic
Bullets punching through the steel window shutters
Cannon shells through the walls
Hellfire missiles taking out nearby buildings

All these years, I had been right: I had almost lost you that day

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